Choosing a chest of drawers

Are you looking to create a harmonious, calming, and elegant bedroom space? Having ample storage space is your answer. A chest of drawers is a versatile furniture piece that will get you more storage space and give your room a more elegant look. This furniture unit comes in a variety of very classy designs. So, how do you choose the ideal dresser for your room? Here are a few pointers that will guide you when making a decision.

The size

When buying a chest of drawers, you need to determine the floor size it occupies. For smaller rooms with limited floor space, you can opt for the tall boy with four or more drawers. This unit offers sufficient storage while occupying smaller floor space. A low chest of drawers is ideal for rooms with bigger floor space. These can even come with a mirror on the top and act as a vanity drawer. As a homeowner, you need to determine which unit suits you perfectly.

The style

Chest drawers come in different styles that differ significantly from each other. There are vintage, mid-century, and modern dressers on the market. To pick the ideal unit, look at the surrounding furniture and determine which style complements those best. For style, Tylko offers a vast selection of dressers in different styles that you can pick from. Here, you can peruse through the different mid-century to Scandinavian dresser styles on offer.

The features

When buying a chest of draws, you might as well consider the features it comes with. For instance, some units feature metallic castors instead of wooden legs for more effortless movement when cleaning. Others come with a scratch-resistant glass top for a perfect gloss finish. Others feature a blend of different colors or art that makes them look more elegant. Others also feature a jewelry organizer for storing jewelry and watches.

Your budget

Since this is an investment, you need to consider your financial capability before making the purchase carefully. To avoid unnecessary financial stress, you need to make sure that you can comfortably afford to buy the dresser. Working within a budget helps you make an eligible purchase at an affordable price.


A dresser is a vital piece of furniture that gives you storage and adds a complement to your wardrobe and room. Making the right decision gives you a perfect blend of furniture and colors in your bedroom.