• What is LogoNike.Com?

    LogoNike.Com is a services center for webmasters. Our purpose is to present a set of solutions that are profitable for webmasters. We are starting this project with the launch of our service of statistics. This service is completely free, and soon, we hope to launch additional services that are already underway.

  • Service of statistics for your website

    It’s completely free. It will help you understand the development of your website. It gives you information you will not find in other similar services. It will help in the positioning of your website. A simple code that collects information and processes it for positive purposes. It will help you know how many visitors your site,

  • The importance of statistics in SEO

    Not all the statistics that we provide serves for SEO. The most important data are the Keywords. These data guide us to build our website. The keywords show us how we are positioned in the search engines. No need to consider all keywords, only the most important. Suffice with 3 or 4 keywords. Initially, only build content expanding the concepts of those

  • The website design and SEO

    The robots of search engines only read text. The faster read the text much better. Do not build your pages with very intricate designs. That’s good for the view but not for robots. If your platform is wordpress, not fill in with plugins. The plugins consume resources unnecessarily. Your website should only to have what is needed. Buttons for social networks,

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